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I'm attempting to adjust the "rotational distance" config from 8. 7 silent driver board.

75mm) shouldnt the rotational distance.

Physical Install.

Added the experience function of printing defect detection (Spaghetti Detective). Don't forget to reduce your cura retraction settings if you are not using a Bowden tube. Creality Sonic Pad, Klipper System 2-5X Print Speed Up For Ender-3V2Ender-3S1.


Kinda buried in the config menus but easy once found. 4, Voron 0. Kinda buried in the config menus but easy once found.

Apr 13, 2023 In this video I&39;m going to show you how to calibrate your e-steps or rotational distance on your 3d printer when using a Sonic Pad running Klipper firmware. Run RESTART.


Klipper vs Marlin The Main Differences.

Update Printer Profile in Cura. Online.

Extrude a small amount to ensure that your extruder motor is on and holding. .

Klipper Rotation Distance Simply Explained.
The extruder rotation distance is under the extruder section in the printer.

00mm as measured on a dial gauge.


Creality Sonic Pad - Ender 3 s1 Pro Configurations - sonic-padprinter-20230329155032. Klipper Documentation doesnt help. I bought the new Creality Sonic Pad and have huge problems to get it running.

Create a printer. download. Let it reboot. Klipper Documentation doesnt help. Slicing le management 2.

cfg at main &183; fire1cesonic-pad.

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2, Sovol SV01, Sovol SV06, Anycubic Mega S, KP3S.



Firmware Update.

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