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Mar 21, 2023 Fortunately, the asteroid, known as 2023 DZ2, will make a clean pass by our planet, speeding by at 17,426 mph (28,044 kmh), according to EarthSky.

Object 2023 DZ2 is between 140 feet and 310. Mar 24, 2023 You are watching live streak of light on the sky, it could be a asteroid 2023 DZ2. It was observed for the first time on February 27 2023, when it was located at 0.

This asteroid, labeled 2023 DZ2, according to EarthSky, is part of the Apollo family of asteroids.


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A newly discovered asteroid named 2023 DZ2 will safely pass by Earth on Saturday at 100K miles away. This.

Mar 25, 2023 Discovered a month ago, the asteroid known as 2023 DZ2 will pass within 515,000 kilometres of the moon on Saturday at its closest point at 1950 UTC time, which is 550am AEST on Sunday. .

Mar 22, 2023 The newfound asteroid 2023 DZ2 is seen during its close approach to Earth on March 25, 2023 in a NASA animation.
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. May 16, 2023 The 200-foot asteroid, dubbed 2023 JD2,. .

Mar 25, 2023 A big asteroid will buzz Earth today (March 25), and you can watch the flyby live online. virtualtelescope. 4 Mawrth Cytunir i gytundeb newydd ar ddiogelu cefnforoedd y byd. . .


2023 JD2 is somewhat similar to 2023 DZ2, an asteroid estimated to be between 140 feet and 310 feet long, which passed close by Earth in June. 11 AU (16 millions km) by group of Romanian astronomers.

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Mar 24, 2023 Get ready on March 25 to observe the asteroid 2023 DZ2 (about 200 feet in diameter) as it passes between the earth and the moon.


Mar 24, 2023 Published on 3242023 at 255 PM.

Der Asteroid 2023 DZ2 wird heute an der Erde vorbeiziehen.